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Coin Photos Web Based Zoom Renderer

Coin Photos is a web based photo delivery platform able to deliver high quality photos in dynamically selectable sizes at high speed while maintaining the quality of photos through advanced anti-aliasing techniques. We are able to deliver various shaped crops, rotations and resized photos as well as partial segments of photos.

Zoomable Photos

Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out

  • Increase sales by giving your customers the best possible on-line view of your coin, second only to viewing the coin in hand.
  • Reduce web hosting costs by moving your high resolution photo hosting offsite.
  • Increase availability and performance of your photo delivery through our multi-redundant high speed storage network.
  • Easily implemented with just two lines of code
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Easy Uploading Platform

  • Simplify photo uploading by implementing our easy 2 line form inputs directly into your site
  • Crop images with various shapes such as round, rectangular and dodecagonal to effectively crop almost any coin
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Dynamically Transform Photos

  • Save time and storage space by dynamically resizing, rotating and cropping photos plus the ability to change the background colour perfect for thumbnails or dynamically sized elements.
  • Very easy to implement with our simple URL based photo request system.
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  • FREE for non-commercial websites
  • Free options available for commercial websites
  • Affordable rates billed based on bandwidth usage with no up front costs
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